Current Journalistic Work

The ‘Nate Silver Effect’ Is Changing Journalism. Is That Good?” was published by Politico Magazine (October 5, 2017).

“Polls may be making voters worse at predicting elections” appeared on the Washington Post‘s Monkey Cage blog (November 18, 2016). I wrote a follow-up blog post about it here.

Previous Journalistic Work


The back of the The New York Times building, photographed from 40th Street in Manhattan in June 2011. (Photo by Benjamin Toff)

The essay “The Snooki Standard” appeared in New York Magazine (March 6, 2011).

While working at The Times, I wrote regularly about television ratings for the arts pages of the newspaper. Some of my daily coverage can be found on The Times blogs ArtsBeat and Media Decoder. Frank Rich’s columns are indexed here.

In the fall of 2005, I wrote a weekly series of essays for The Boston Globe entitled “In Transition” about making the leap from newly-minted college graduate to working professional. The series appeared in the Globe’s City Weekly section and have been compiled here. One of the essays, “A guilty spectator, at 22, to this war,” was syndicated by the New York Times news service and republished in various newspapers nationwide.

Articles from The Harvard Crimson are listed here including “Meditation on Tradition” (June 9, 2005), “My Last Picture Show” (April 29, 2004), “Statues of Victory, Shadows of War” (April 14, 2003), and “Playing Mom for a Month” (July 19, 2002).

The editorial “It’s time to get rid of the useless AIMS Band-Aid” was published in the Arizona Daily Star (May 11, 2001).


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