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About that Pew Poll on Gun Rights

Pew recently published results of a poll showing increasing support for gun rights and declining support for gun control. The results are somewhat startling, and a bit counterintuitive (support for gun rights increased especially among black respondents), so it’s not terribly surprising that the poll received a fair amount of news coverage. Pew is one of the … Continue reading

Are NYC Taxi Medallion Prices Really ‘Plummeting?’

On Thursday, the New York Times published a page one piece by the Upshot’s Josh Barro making the claim that faced with competition from e-hailing car service apps Uber and Lyft, taxi medallion prices are “plummeting.” The basis for the claim, from what I can tell, is largely this (in the second graf): The average price of an individual … Continue reading

Annals of Bad Statistical Analysis

Nate Silver’s newly revamped site FiveThirtyEight has gotten its share of flak since launching, some of it more warranted than others. And I don’t mean to pile on; I think the site has great potential. However, this latest post by FiveThirtyEight’s senior political writer Harry Enten is so thoroughly flawed, it deserves special condemnation. Enten seeks to show … Continue reading

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