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How Did Mitch McConnell Make So Much Cash During the Crash?

Last week, members of Congress filed new financial disclosure forms. The Hill newspaper reported that Mitch McConnell (and, incidentally, Harry Reid) saw a nearly 30 percent increase in his wealth in 2010. They attribute the windfall to McConnell having “made some smart plays in the stock market with his wife, former Bush Labor Secretary Elaine Chao.” … Continue reading

PEJ: Weiner Was Top Story in Press Last Week

Sigh. From June 6-12, the saga accounted for 17% of the newshole measured by the News Coverage Index of the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. That makes the Weiner saga the fourth-most covered scandal involving elected officials since PEJ began tracking news in January 2007. Also: For the week, Weiner was easily … Continue reading

Debt ceiling bargaining

So the House overwhelmingly rejected the “clean” debt ceiling vote. No surprise there. Everyone agrees it was a stunt crafted primarily for use in Republican talking points. You see, the White House has to agree to additional spending cuts because there just aren’t enough votes to approve an increase to the debt ceiling without them. Or as … Continue reading

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