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Iowans begging Christie to run

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From the Des Moines Register:

“If we only accomplish one thing, and that is to encourage Chris Christie to maintain his leadership style and to encourage other Republicans to have the same leadership style, we’ll feel very good about the trip,” said Iowa hog and ethanol baron Bruce Rastetter, a prolific contributor to GOP campaigns.

Rastetter and a team of six other Iowa businessmen will fly by private jet Tuesday to meet with Christie, who has steadfastly refused to run but agreed to have dinner with them in the governor’s mansion.

I don’t really get the Republican fascination with Chris Christie. I mean, sure, he’s blunt and outspoken and arrogant in a way that conservatives tend to adore, but is that all it takes to become a dream candidate for the GOP nomination? Being mean to unions?

Meanwhile, I don’t really see how the Christie brand, the fast-talking, pushy prosecutor, would play particularly well in Iowa. He’s not known for being particularly conservative in terms of social issues (although he is anti-choice and ran against same-sex marriage so he could probably make a credible case decently well). But don’t midwesterners prefer the friendly Huckabee types?

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One thought on “Iowans begging Christie to run

  1. Moreover, as Ben Smith noted this week, Christie would lose his viability in a 2013 reelection campaign in New Jersey were he to put his hat in the ring for the 2012 GOP ticket.

    Smith’s piece corroborates an April 2010 Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, which found that New Jerseyans do not want Christie running on the national stage.

    Posted by V | June 3, 2011, 12:51 pm

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